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Bernard Cassière is positioned as an alternative beauty brand, focused primarily on plant extracts. Bernard Cassière is ground breaking, with a commitment to fairer use of our planets natural resources with the use of Fair Trade Ingredients. The products are inspired by nature and with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing combine its benefits with the most advanced scientific research to enhance results.


Milk for all skins

Semi-fluid, smooth and unctuous. Gently cleanses the skins, dissolves and eradicates impurities and make-up... The grapefruit extract it contains refreshes the skin and lightens the complexion. Leaves the skin sound, supple, fresh and clean.



With its soft cleaning base and superfine, polishing micro-granules, it refines the skin and eliminates dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and refined.


Deep Pore cleanser

This creamy product deeply cleanses the epidermis. Leaves the skin supple, soft and ready to receive care products. It eliminates dead cells ans impurities in depth. Real blow of brightness, this product is adapted to any skin type.



Bilberry - Delicate skin Range

Bilberry is known to contain various minerals:

potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and different oligo-elements, also vitamin E, various B vitamins and small amounts of pro-vitamin A.

The Bilberry mousse soothes and protects sensitive skins with organic Shea butter and Aloe-vera to improve skin’s suppleness and provide smoothness and comfort. It is also enriched with Nordic berry and Passion-flower extracts for their soothing and calming properties. Its original creamy “mousse” texture enhances the feeling of comfort for delicate skins. 



Pomegranate and AHA superfruit Radiance Range

Pomegranate is one of the most popular superfruits thanks to its high anti-oxidative capacity, and its high content in vitamins and nutritive elements. Among the ingredients of this care line, natural origins AHAs have been selected: these are acids of superfruits (Cassis - Bilberry). They improve the exfoliating process of the skin to promote cell renewal.


 Hemp Bamboo - Hydrating range

Bernard Cassière's hemp bamboo hydrating line has been especially designed to fight efficiently against cutaneous dehydration by increasing the skin's natural hydration level and offering a long lasting effect.









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